SpaceIL Creating Some Buzz In The US

Yariv Bash, co-founder and Daniel Saat, director of business development, just got back from their latest trip to the US, and created some buzz around them. 

The trip included a series of speeches, participating in events and interesting meetings. It started in. It started in Los Angeles, where our representatives were invited to speak in an event at the California Science Center. They also met with kids in local schools, and told them the inspirational story of SpaceIL: the first Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon. Next they traveled to San Francisco, where they gave an interview to the San Francisco Chronicle. Then they finally arrived to the snowy New York City, where they met with several other reporters. After articles were published on the Jewish Journal and The Jewish Week, there is much more to come.

To the moon!
Team SpaceIL

*In the picture: Daniel Saat (left) and Yariv Bash (right) at the California Science Center. Photo by Lewis Groner.

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