SpaceIL Presents: "Game of Fuel" Competition!

You probably know that we "pay" in fuel consumption for every pound of the spacecraft at space. 91 kg of the current total mass of our spacecraft is... fuel. These 91kg should be enough to take our spacecraft all the way to the moon, including the landing and the leap part. If the total weight of the spacecraft grows, then we have to spend more of the fuel in the containers, with no extras remain.
Therefore, it was decided to get our spacecraft on a diet! We announced a competition between the engineers in our team: "Game of Fuel" (or, if you will, the "Weight Watchers" competition). The purpose of each team in the competition is to find the best solution to reduce the mass of the spacecraft, which will also assist in reducing fuel consumption.
The prize: a bottle of fine whiskey! The age the whiskey in years, will be according to the number of pounds of fuel that the winning team will manage to save us.
We will announce the winners within a few months. Until then, we'll update you here about the top teams in the SpaceIL “Game of Fuel” competition!

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