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Having tried running startups all my life, and I use the word "tried" as none of them really went on to "reach the sky".

Any startup would vouch for the classic Catch22 they face each day - without progress, you won't get the money, to make any real progress you need the money.

When you "reach for the Moon", what our team encounters not so infrequently, I am assuming so do most other @glxp teams, is a Catch222 - are you 'smart enough' to do this, if you really are 'that smart' why would you want to get into a wrestling match with 20 other teams, money & real-progress discussion can wait!

In real life the rules of the game seldom change, and when they do change don't count on them to make life any easier for you - @glxp offering to recognise progress and talking about increasing the prize purse - no points for guessing who we are voting with.

Our rather ambitious outreach program "Trained4Space" eagerly awaits MTA4.1 to come into effect, updates & more shortly at - http://facebook.com/teamindus.in

-Rahul Narayan
 Team Indus - Lead

Credit - the quote and image used above obviously do not belong to Team Indus

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