Lunar Rover challenge #Trained4Space

We figured since we had an opportunity for creative thinking with the Rover why not get help from smart engineering college kids, startups and then some.

#Trained4Space is Team Indus’ program to reach out to a wider demography of thinkers, creators, explorers – we haven’t quite restricted participation on the program to India or Indians, however we doubt international teams will spend several thousands of dollars on travel et al just to be part of one of our events.

Practically speaking #Trained4Space is our way of scouting to talent and crowd sourcing ideas in India. Does this amount to Open Collaboration, in a manner of speaking yes, we are open about who we collaborate with :)

So here we go with our very first event the Students Lunar Rover challenge organized in association with Shaastra2014 team @IITM and co-hosted at VJTI, Bombay and IIT Delhi. We were expecting close to 300 teams to sign up, 200 did sign up – not bad for an event that had very little organized publicity.

We are going to do this in 3 rounds, the first one is a presentation session organized at the above 3 locations, 30% teams will likely be selected on the feasibility of their design and maturity of project plan to appear for the second round in January 2014 for the face-off demo round.

We sort of know what we want the winning teams from the second round to do, but we aren’t at a liberty to disclose that right away – so let’s call the third round a mystery round for the moment. We expect this competition to evolve around Team Indus' requirements going forward, with several hundreds of participants working on solving technical challenges that our team encounters especially wrt the Rover development.

There are internships, possible job opportunities, giveaways for the winners of the second round, stay tuned for further updates!

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