Recruiting great talent #ArmchairRocketeers

@TeamIndus we started Armchair Rocketeers League to identify, recognize and reward talent - and at some point have this talent help Team Indus solve some of its own "mathemtical problem statements". As an idea-sourcing initiative, this is to a great extent a fresh way of reaching out to great, hidden talent, especially in India.

In the absence of a large media campaign we have let those who look out for such initiatives come to our Facebook page and learn more about this, while secretly wishing this go viral. We came up with ARL credits that are awarded for the collaborating and feeds directly into the leaderboard at the end of every month - true League style eh!

We decided to set this up on Facebook to enable more people to run into this problem statement and refer more "friends" to take a crack at the solution. We had nearly 200 people join the group and an equal number of downloads of the problem statement.

Limited abstracts submitted, 2 extensions later we got 2 full submissions - we are extremely pleased to announce a winner for the first prize - Aravind Bhimarasetty from Bangalore, India.

What's next?  We have interesting new problem statement coming up with teaspoonfuls of geology, image processing, mathematics and then some :)

Stay tuned - join the group, http://bit.ly/ARL-S1. Next problem statement will be released on 5th April 2014.

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