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There are very few start-ups in the world which start with a Moon Mission.  And there is Team Indus.  Like every mission we have seen on innumerable episodes of Star Trek, this team relies on its experts, team members, advisory board, leadership and ingenuity to deliver the result.  We are an eclectic mix of youth and experience, drawn together on an exciting mission.  Our team of passionate youngsters – some straight out of campus, are ably supported by veteran scientists. We are a young, passionate, highly motivated, self driven growing team, which will stop nothing short of the Moon! To continue this spirit, my mission within this team is to build systems and processes to sustain what we stand for - Aspire.Believe.Create.

So what makes us tick? It’s not every day you get to dream about going to the moon and then wake up and actually work towards it. Like every start-up, we are a bunch of driven individuals, where day or night doesn’t matter, what matters is the mission. Our difference lies is the audacious goal we’ve chosen to work for, and chosen to believe in. Our difference also lies in the way we work…

Key words that work alongside us are ownership, accountability, self-motivation and dreaming big …. Dreaming real big! Continued and sustained self learning and development are a necessity and habit practiced by one and all!

So what are we doing? The culture /DNA of any organization is built by what people say and do. How they behave while interacting internally and externally. More often than not, especially in a start up, the culture is implicit of personality of the founder …. the leader of the pack … the role model. This is especially so while the team is small and there is direct interaction and occasion to role model the leadership. This is then the best time to inculcate systems and processes which will help build and sustain the culture over time, new dreams and expansion.

Team Indus has an open, invigorating, self motivated, hungry for learning, flat, transparent and dreaming big kind of culture. To ensure we are able to sustain this, we are creating systems to enable it like behavior frameworks, effective communication channels, ideation forums, uniform and transparent assessment practices. For organizations to grow successfully, their strategies need to be closely aligned to their culture, their beliefs. Their business processes need to be built on effective people and behavior processes. Their vision, mission and values must complement each other. We, at Team Indus, are in the process of doing just that.

-- Sheelika Ravishankar

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