The big review weekend

This last weekend we were fortunate to have over half a dozen independent experts review our designs. The committee comprised of retired ISRO scientists, IITM & IITG professors, industry partner reviewers and our technical Advisors.

As is the case before every big presentation the mass budget will almost fall apart and we were left with no margin, exactly 24hrs before the start of the review. 10 hours after the intro slide, we stepped out with most of our pride intact, although not entirely unscathed!

The lead reviewer Dr. Vedachalam reserved special praise for the spirit with which Team Indus has taken on this challenge - and felt in the process of developing our mission a whole lot more will be accomplished.

Having recovered from the last minute prep for the review, our Mass budget looks much better now and we now set course for PDR - internally we see PDR as the milestone beyond which the existential threat to Team Indus will convert into a race to the top. Big quarter this, major milestone no more than 6 weeks away.

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