Winds of Change!

Winds of change and frentic activity in India over the past few weeks, change is in the air and change is always welcome. Updates from the last several weeks here:

1. Mission Feasibility analysis of our case is nearing completion at Antrix
2. All data, info submitted was co-ordinated with the capabilities of the launch vehicle, so, PSLV-XL to 55,000km initial oribit it is going to be!

3. Mr MV Kotwal, President, Heavy Engineering L&T, has graciously accepted our request for L&T to be our Aerospace Engineering partners. As partnerships go, this one takes our team truly to the next level. L&T will provide structural analysis, design optimization, as well as fabrication support - http://www.larsentoubro.com/lntcorporate/common/ui_templates/homepage_ne...
4. Mr Vinod Kumar, Managing Director, Tata Communications Limited, has magnanimously extended support & services of his organization for low-latency global connectivity, seamless data transfer, high-performance computing systems and much more -- eventually supporting DSN connectivity, high priority data delivery for the big one - http://www.tatacommunications.com/

5. Mrs & Mr Hari Padmanabhan, Mrs & Mr Rahul Kapur, Mrs & Mr SK Jain – our heartfelt gratitude to you for believing in our cause and for your generous contribution.

6. Winning over Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, National Innovation Council member, and pioneering, first-gen tech entrepreneur, was always on our agenda, and we are delighted to have her personal endorsement for our Mission.
7. It is a privilege for our young team to have distinguished senior scientists Dr PS Nair and Mr RV Perumal review our designs before they go to the shopfloor, the leadership team that put together GSLV-1 into orbit now has a close eye on our strategies, plans and more.
8. We are privileged to welcome Mr Arun Seth as an Advisory board member. Mr Seth, former Chairman of British Telecom India, has been on the Executive Committee for Nasscom for the past eight years. Mr Seth is a unique addition to our team - asking the right questions, helping re-focus priorities and making the right connections, thank you for believing in our journey Sir.

9. We are finally within striking distance of having our Rover Locomotion design completed! Quick review in the next 2 weeks and then onto prototyping.
10. One tends to think in terms of "Mission agnostic design", that didnt go down too well, so now we have a design that doesnt attempt to do too many things at the same time. A short clip from our Lander prototype build - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nh27017b0k

11. A big welcome to our new recruits - Deepana, Samrat, Paras, Mannika, Nitish. Bharat, Cheeru, Geno, John, Karan, Radhakrishna join our team as full-time members.
12. Grateful thanks to our exiting batch of interns -- Sankari, Dinesh, Helen, Stebin. Thank you, guys, and keep up the good work!!

Thank you, all of you out there watching the progress of India’s next kick-ass space achievement! Please keep the bouquest, brickbats coming :)

- Rahul Narayan
Team Indus - Lead

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