Milestone, Indeed!

The moon is getting closer! An unbelievable day of incredible pride for Team Indus -- official finalist for Milestone Prizes by Google Lunar XPRIZE, which today announced the five international teams selected as finalists for Milestone Prizes, with a total purse of USD 6 million to be awarded this year!!

From a total of 11 possible selectees, an independent panel judged teams on technological achievements in three categories (landing, imaging and locomotion). Team Indus is now firmly in the saddle in two of these -- the Landing System and Imaging Subsystem Milestone Prizes! Stunning, or what! Incredibly energising for our in-house geniuses here who have toiled for months and months to get here!

See how we did it: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/ndtv-special-ndtv-24x7/indian-team-amon...

Here’s what our invaluable partner L&T Aerospace says about this stunning ‘milestone’: "We are really happy Team Indus has been shortlisted to win two of the three categories of the Milestone Prize for Google Lunar XPRIZE, a compelling validation of their design effort.  We saw the raw ambition in this young team for such an audacious mission and decided to support them, because this aligns well with L&T's 'Imagineering' credo of supporting innovation and grooming technology leadership skills." – MV Kotwal, President, L&T Heavy Engineering

The Milestone Prize dictates that teams must demonstrate their readiness through a development and verification plan before late Q3 2014, under the critical eye of a GLXP judging panel. And we completely intend to make the cut! Stay with us, India!

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