TeamIndus @2013 - Aspire, Believe, Create

This is getting bigger and better as we get closer to take-off, albeit with some hiccups as we try to decipher the workings of million-dollar aerospace missions. By hiccups we mean this: By the end of 2013, our team had more than tripled in size, mainly because our unplanned work kind of went through the roof, and we scrambled to get a larger army in after an entourage of experts reviewed our design and mission strategies – not very positively, I fear.

But we jumped back and up – got our numbers in order, rejigged the engineering and eventually managed to get the improved version off the drawing board before the year shut shop!

Yeah, all that back-to-the-drawing-board process did set us back by about 12 weeks, but we’ve compensated by intense networking across industries to find the lead partners for our build phase. Our potential lead sponsors only need convincing that we are a better and cooler cause for their monies than cricket!

Meanwhile, on the factory floor, so to speak, we made room to accommodate 3 LAMs, since we figured that a single LAM, would be ‘overburdened’ for the final descent. We’ve also kicked off building the Volumetric prototype of our Lander, so look out for some cool new space hardware headed your way in the next few weeks.

Also, not only did we give our Rover a face-lift, we also sort of unleashed it on some budding aerospace geniuses as a can-you-do-better challenge. About 50 college teams say they’re going to try and upstage our designs #LRC2014.We’ll see. Tell you what, if someone does manage to do it, as a just reward, they get recruited on our team... brilliant HR recruitment strategy or what?!

We’ve sent out our bids for the Milestone prize! We’d like to believe we will make the cut for at least one of them! We have some fun collaborative build strategies in place; watch out for our announcements at http://www.facebook.com/ILoveSpace.in

And we owe Christopher ‘Inception’ Nolan big time...he’s taking our message about who we are and what we do ahead, and how! Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyc6RJEEe0U

Get our drift? No? Oh well, then here is our connection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em8lK5VQVqY

Just before the customary adios, a special thank you to all our advisors – there’s no way we would have come thus far without your reinforcement. And to every single one of our supporters, we are absolutely committed to staying the course (pun unintended)!

Wishing all of you an amazing New Year 2014 - signing off 2013, on behalf of Team Indus!

Rahul Narayan
Team Indus - Lead

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