Behind the Scenes: Moon Express Propulsion Test Facility

Extreme Aerospace Engineer Mike Vergalla takes you on a whirlwind tour of our Propulsion Test Facility in Huntsville, Alabama. You will see one of our HTP Rocket Engine Test Stands, our Chemical Handling Unit, and our Test Operations Control Trailer.

WARNING: This tour contains a techno breakdown (but no technical breakdowns :) ).

Our choice of hydogen peroxide (H2O2) as a fuel was driven by a desire to stay green, to use non-toxic rocket fuels that minimize dangers to our engineering staff, and to "live off the land" by replenishing our fuel from the naturally occuring resources on the Moon -- in this case, water (H2O).

Hydrogen peroxide fuels the rocket engines on NASA's "Mighty Eagle" prototype lunar lander that we flew with our guidance, navigation and control software in fall 2013. A number of the engineers that created the Mighty Eagle are now working for Moon Express, including our Chief Propulsion Engineer, Tim Pickens.

A poetic consequence of the HTP fuel is that it's exhaust is pure steam, entirely green, so in effect we're building a steam engine to open up the new frontiers of exploration and wonderment awaiting us on the Moon. Welcome to the Moonrush.


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