The begining of this month, we held a lesson with a public elementary school in Saitama.

Their science teacher found out the article of Hakuto on the newspaper and this visit came true.

In this public school, every fifth grade students studies about resource exploration robot through a whole year. The courses cover from the resource problem of the earth to space and the deep ocean. Sometimes they also invites external experts to held lecturers for students.
What we were surprised was that they have even developed the full scale autonomous control robot with Scratch system.

In the class, we talked about the Google Lunar XPRIZE’s challenging missions, how unique Hakuto's team members are, and the future of space ventures and moon explorations. The students gave us a presentation about what kind of robot they are making.

At the end of the class, we played the exploration games using our rover, not only for fun but we also want to let the students experience the difficulties and the excitements of space exploration.

While we were cleaning up after the class, one of the student came up and said,
“I want to join Hakuto 10 years later, I will study harder by then!”
We are looking forward to seeing them again in 2024!

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