Run! PM-3 RUN!

In the beginning of Spring, 14th and 21st of April, our PM-3 rover finally appeared in public.

This fan meeting was for those who donated money to our fund-raising campagin called CAMPFIRE. It was our first event after some new members joined in March.

On the previous post, we showed how we were preparing for the event. This time, we can show you some of the photos taken in the event. 

[Our little astronaunt enjoying operating PM-3.]

Did you notice the small change on our moon ground?

On the Day 1, we realized that hills are too high for PM-3. We changed the material from polystyrene foam to sponge.

Our original Rover ground (called Rover farm) also attracted our supporters.

It’s great to have a fan meeting like this. We spent our "space time" with them and shared ideas and goals.   

Special thanks to our fans and the cooperation of Tokyo University. We couldn’t make this happen without them!

This is only the beginning of our journey to the MOON.

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