Hakuto rover on the department store!?

On 1st to 3rd of May, Hakuto participated a special event where in a main department store in Japan-Mitsukoshi.

This educational event are intended for families, and the theme is about “THE MOON”. Hakuto took part of the event to introduce the moon exploration, and the exciement of nongovernment space exploration by display the prototype of the rover, in the same time to let the families and children to challenge how to operate the rover.

There were heaps of activities in this event, such as space science show by comedians, astronomical telescope company, model of a roket was displayed, projection of the planet earth and so on.

Hakuto and the our rover will take part of such event in the near future as well, and establish more fans and to show them how incredible of moon exploration and the nongoverment space exploration is.

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