Euroluna celebrates their new PIKSI GPS from Swift Navigation

Today we received our PIKSI GPS for our future space mission. We ordered the PIKSI last year and could in that way support the start-up company SWIFT NAVIGATION as Kickstarter Backer. The PIKSI is a beautiful small package and for our purpose quite heavy: 32 grams!
We are now going to go through all the stuff from the wiki page on http://docs.swift-nav.com/wiki/Main_Page so we can get a GPS system implemented in one of our future space mission. Because PIKSI is open-source we hope to overcome all the problems with the restrictions on other GPS-kits. When future LEO space craft are going to make orbit maneuvers it will be a must to have a GPS onboard. We from EUROLUNA would like to be among the first to implement it in maneuverable cubesats.

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