Vacuum chamber considerations

The last 2-3 weeks the Eurolujna Team has been very much active on small vacuum chambers, and in actually changing and rebuilding the small vacuum chamber so that it fits the purpose of the experiments.

Originally the "new" Euroluna high vacuum chamber was "just" a tube on top of the turbo pump. To that then asn inspection glass was added, so visual observations of events in the chamber could be observed. 

The next step was adding a pressure transducer to the chamber, so that measuements of the pressure, both at high vacuum and after the oil pump could be known.

After this, introducing the our space craft Romit-1 into the chamber, made it possible to start the pumps and initiate the outgassing. This process actually took significant time.

Then operating the satellitte inside the chamber, required a "pass-through" for cables, so that the various connections needed, could be operated from outside. This is of course a gound connection, a plus connection for charging the batteries, and then a usb connection to communication. In addition various connections for temperature measurements etc was prepared.

In several of the situations, it was realised that the vacuum chamber components was more efficiently placed in a different configurations, which meant take apart the chamber and rebuilding it is a more useful configuration.


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