Astrobotic Displays Hardware at Carnegie Mellon University to Attract Students to the Space Industry.

Carnegie Mellon University is engendering a space culture by promoting research in sciences and technologies for space. This enculturation is inextricably tied to Astrobotic and the joint Moon venture. As many Astrobotic employees are CMU alums, Astrobotic strives to inspire undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in space. Astrobotic’s dedication to motivate students to study and develop space technologies has taken the company to CMU’s Moon Roving open house last night. The open house was geared for students who took an interest in developing mobile robots. Professor Whittaker, CEO of Astrobotic Technology and a professor at CMU, will be teaching the class this fall. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the research, design, and development of the rover that will drive on the Moon in 2015. The open house displayed Astrobotic’s sensors, rovers, and lander to the 125 prospective students who attended. An5UwXQC9JmoBum0mdbIL-wp2YLEXE5RRmVRHbSxHQ4,7hSX8ElcC8LBLf57T4YNWzUH1ODapxiwnw1SWvbo76U

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