Interorbital to Launch “TARDIS in Orbit” Sat for DOCTOR WHO’s 50th!

Whovians and Wholligans planet-wide collaborated to actualize
a most fitting tribute to DOCTOR WHO – one of the best and most beloved of all Science
Fiction phenomena-- for its half-century anniversary: Launching a TARDIS to
Orbit ---REALLY!!!! As Kickstarter project creators Robert and daughter Alex
Doyle would say, “WooWhooo!”  All IOS
teammembers---also DOCTOR WHO mega-fans---are thrilled to be a part of this
ultra-cool global celebration! The TARDIS now has its official payload space on
the Interorbital Launch Manifest. TARDIS will launch (on Mission II) with 58
other satellites on an IOS NEPTUNE rocket in 2014.

Guardianlink below:


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