Welcome to Maria Catalina, New Team Synergy Moon Leader!


Team Synergy Moon welcomes Maria Catalina as Team Leader. She specializes in knowledge capture for the development of human capital to facilitate a rise in the competencies of Earth’s first Space Generation. A graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), in 2000 Maria received a Bachelor Degree in Bionomy (biogeochemistry as it relates to astrobiology) and was credentialed for teaching in a UCSC Master’s program. She is a NASA NSCORT Exobiology Fellow, a Honeywell Educator Scholar, took the Northrop Grumman Weightless Flight of Discovery on the Zero G 727, and received the AIAA Outstanding Educator Award in 2010 and 2013 for her work on the broader impacts of space related activities in partnership with academia and commerce. To date, Maria is the first, and so far only, K12 educator to command a rotation at the Mars Society - Mars Desert Research Station, Crew 80 - in Utah. 

As a function of Maria’s mission to address impending space industrialization, she has set the goal of raising the competencies of the workforce in a wide range of disciplines.  Starting at the middle school age, Maria provides opportunities to drive the desire for their involvement in the most amazing future in space to ever face a global civilization. She started the Astronaut Teacher Alliance, LLC (ATA); a professional development platform for an international network of middle school teachers that now operates in 15 countries. The mission is for ATA educators worldwide to create their own Spaceport Academy’s (SPA). The goal is to initiate a collective global conscience with individuals that are a mere 5 years away from status of adulthood and eligible to vote. The vision is a simultaneous rise of “thinkers” creates a sense of belonging to something important, the move of homo sapien sapien off planet. The first SPA is in California and composed of middle, high school and undergraduates with designs on the lofty goals of the Google Lunar X Prize for Team Synergy Moon.

Miroslav Ambruš-Kiš, team leader for a little less then last three years, is going to be Team Synergy Moon's director of exploration.

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