Weekly Space News: Was Venus Once Habitable?

Weekly Space News: Was Venus Once Habitable?

Could Venus, that 800-degree inferno pictured above, have once been habitable?

It seems crazy to think about, but according to a new NASA study, it very well may have been---and for a good two billion years!

Of course we know Earth’s history, and there is increasing evidence that lakes were present on Mars for billions of years, but if Venus was a world that was once hospitable for life, it would make for quite the planetary trifecta.

Just think. If this many planets in our own inner solar system could have been habitable…what does that mean for all the star systems out there?

We’ll have to wait for future space exploration to find out (it may be a while before we even get to Proxima Centuari), but in the meantime, the clouds of Venus and the dusts of Mars could hold some very interesting discoveries.

Will we find signs of past life, even fossils, somewhere on the surface of Venus and Mars? Could some small form of life even be surviving there right now?

Stay tuned…


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Author: Nick Azer; Editor: Susan Emmer

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