Sagan Completes Tests at NASA!

Sagan Completes Tests at NASA!

Sagan---the adorable Moon rover of Google Lunar XPRIZE team Omega Envoy---has been busy at NASA! Completing important tests at the famous KSC Swamp Works:

Visiting the lab---a hub for space innovation---at Kennedy Space Center, the young Omega Envoy team put their brave little "Wall-E" to the test, diving into the facility's 120 tons of simulated Moon regolith.

120 tons of simulated Moon dirt to play with.

Don't forget your goggles! Sagan looking chic while getting his work in.

The Moon's surface is covered with a fine, but sharp, material that clings & gets everywhere (and smells like spent gunpowder), so preparing for this decidedly-weird environment is an important test for any Moon rover that wants to run around & explore up there!

He got a little dirty, but he came out OK!

Sagan passed the mobility & dust tests---his first---with flying colors!

Simulated lunar craters were no sweat for the plucky little Moon rover.

He even got his cardio in. Who's ready for a Moon hike?

Pretty epic. For even more pictures and details on how Sagan did---and on the great challenges of Moon dust---check out the team's official blog on the adventure!

The largely 3D-printed Sagan was built by students at the University of Central Florida. The Moon's been coming back to Florida in a big way---decades after the Apollo launches there---and these proud students have a lot of accomplishments and adventures on the Moon ahead of them! (In addition to, of course, the potential $30 million in prizes their efforts could win...)

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