Moon Minute: The Summit of 2016

Moon Minute: The Summit of 2016

Earlier this month, the 2016 Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit was held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Hosted by team SpaceIL (SpaceIL team lead, Eran Privan pictured above), the conference held at Google Tel Aviv was a gathering of the 16 teams competing to be the first to land on the Moon and complete the mission requirements.

The teams must reach the Moon by the end of 2017, but in order to do so they must secure a verified launch agreement by the end of 2016 to remain eligible in the competition.

#GLXP team members get excited about Moon landers.

So while plenty of fun was had by all at the event,  the spirit of competition (and the heat) was on!

Several teams made announcements at the Summit, including a launch agreement for Synergy Moon (making them the third team after SpaceIL and Moon Express to officially advance to 2017), and a time-capsule partnership between teams Puli and Astrobotic (making for four GLXP teams representing seven different nations, all aligned on Astrobotic’s moon mission).

John Thornton of Astrobotic and Tibor Pacher of Puli celebrating their new agreement.

And with many productive discussions between teams occurring at the event, as well as other pending developments, there’s sure to be more news coming soon.

It’s an exciting, if challenging time for the 16 teams, as the “go, no-go” deadline of 2017 approaches. They’ve already come a long way and achieved a great deal together to advance science, exploration, and progress into a bold new era of space exploration. 

Stay tuned to see what happens next, and to see who will make it all the way to 2017…and the Moon!

 Google Lunar XPRIZE 2016 Team Summit, Tel Aviv


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Author: Nick Azer; Editor: Susan Emmer

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