Bringing the Moon Back to Kennedy

Bringing the Moon Back to Kennedy

"This is where we went to the Moon." 

That would be Florida, and the Space Coast---where many of the Apollo launches took place (like Apollo 17, above), and where Google Lunar XPRIZE team Moon Express has now set up shop, long-term, to fly their lunar lander tests!

To get to know their new neighbors, Kennedy Space Center's official YouTube channel sat down with Moon Express founder & CEO, Bob Richards, to talk about how the team is bringing the Moon back to the Space Coast, and all the benefits (for both sides!) that come with that:

And Moon Express has wasted no time in getting started, either---here's a video from CNET on the lunar lander tests the team did last year at the Space Coast, which ended up netting them a sweet $1 million Milestone Prize!:

And that's just the beginning! There's sure to be a lot more cool tests like that coming along the way soon---so, stay tuned!

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