Barack Obama, on the Google Lunar XPRIZE

Barack Obama, on the Google Lunar XPRIZE

As part of the first-ever White House Demo Day (for entrepreneurs to demonstrate their work), United States President Barack Obama made some comments on the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and visiting team Astrobotic!:

“And then there are the folks at Astrobotic Technology in Pittsburgh. They are shooting for the Moon. Literally. With plans to land a rover on the lunar surface within the next couple of years. Which is pretty exciting... I wouldn’t mind, you know, seeing how that turns out!

In America, that’s who we’ve always been. We explore next frontiers, we’re pioneers with a vision for tomorrow, whether it’s Lewis & Clark, Sally Ride, we’re the nation of Franklin and Edison and Carver and Salk and Gates, and the folks here today are heirs to that legacy. They’re the driving force in a 21st century economy.” - Barack Obama, President of the United States [pictured above, giving the remarks.]

Overland explorers Lewis & Clark.

Astronaut and first American woman in space, Sally Ride . (The first-ever woman in space was another bold pioneer: Valentina Tereshkova, back in 1963!)

Members of Google Lunar XPRIZE team Astrobotic, hard at work on their own explorer---the Griffin Moon lander!

Pretty epic praise from the President of the United States there! Putting the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams in the same breath as Ben Franklin, Lewis & Clark, and Thomas Edison.

Click here to watch the President's remarks, and to learn more about team Astrobotic, check out their team page and watch their recent Team Hangout (below)!:

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