World Space Week Hangouts from the Austrian Space Forum

World Space Week Hangouts from the Austrian Space Forum

Our teams did live interviews with audiences from around the world for World Space Week!

For World Space Week 2013, the Austrian Space Forum hosted both teams Part Time Scientists  (of Germany) and Team Puli  (of Hungary) and us for a series of live Google Hangouts with audiences---primarily, students---from all around the world!

Here's the videos of all the hangouts from the week---informal demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions between the teams and people from Morocco, India, and more!:

Part Time Scientists

A live chat with students from India:

A live chat with students in Morocco:

A one-on-one with Karsten:

And two German-language hangouts:

Team Puli

Two demonstrations of their rover's cool technology from Hungary:

XPRIZE Foundation

And last but not least, an hour-long chat with us, the Austrian Space Forum, Part Time Scientists, and Puli:

For even more, non-Google Lunar XPRIZE hangouts (including one with a guy in a spacesuit, and some from the Mars Desert Research Station), head over to the Austrian Space Forum's Google+ page!

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