Visioneering 2012

Visioneering 2012

It's that time of year again here at X PRIZE. Much like carols and bells signify the arrival of the Christmas season, the X PRIZE offices teem with the sounds of frantically sprinting footsteps, papers flying about the room and the endless chiming of phone-ringing which signifies the arrival of Visioneering.

Once a year the X PRIZE Foundation holds a prestigious 2 day gathering of some of the greatest minds in the field of future development. Some of "the world's grandest challenges" are presented here, along with a means and a process to address these problems, followed by a realistic approach to incetivising an X PRIZE to solve these issues. The X PRIZE board of trustees assemble along with philanthropists, the heads of innovation and corporate leaders, each from their own unique niche in an industry, to look at the needs of humanity from multiple viewpoints and break them down to the point of plausibility. Basically, brilliant people hanging out to save the world.

One of the interesting by-products of Visioneering, aside from the obvious X PRIZEs that are formed, is the inspiration and motivation of individual attendees who choose to put forth their own private funding to start a unique prize of their own. A perfect example of this is Wendy Schmidt, who sponsored an oil spill cleanup competition which acted as the catalyst that updated the antiquated water cleaning technology/machinery methods and, essentially, reinvented the standard for oceanic waste cleanup.

Unfortunately, attending Visioneering is an invite only kind of deal. Fortunately though, the members of the event tend to be fairly active on social media, and X PRIZE just happens to retweet all of the biggest news from all of the most influential attendees! If you are interested in being kept abreast on the situation here are some important pages you might want to follow.


X PRIZE Foundation - A single source for following all of the different X PRIZEs.

Google Lunar X PRIZE - The home of GLXP and all space related content.


@XPRIZE - X PRIZE Foundation.

@GLXP - Google Lunar X PRIZE.

@PeterDiamandis - X PRIZE Foundation's CEO.

@JimCameron - X PRIZE board member and, recently, heavily involved in exploration news.


That's a good list to get you started. As we tweet you'll be made aware of some of the other pivotal points of news so be sure to follow us and stay tuned. The event will be held today and tomorrow, April 20th and 21st. Exciting things are on the horizon.



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