UPDATE: Fun with Paper

UPDATE: Fun with Paper
I never expected it, but sure enough the post from a few days ago about fun with paper has had more hits than almost any other entry. So I decided to give this thing a shot, and see what kind of fun papercraft can be.

The quick answer: Papercraft is a ton of fun!

The long answer: Papercraft takes a lot of time. Some of the projects I had linked to are extremely intricate. I imagine most children might have a hard time focusing on a detailed project like that for any length of time. But I'm certain there are less advanced projects that are much more suitable for younger space geeks.

Without further ado, I present to you my half-finished papercraft model of Copernicus' Solar System (minus Copernicus himself... such tiny pieces!). This model is meant to complement a similar Ptolemaic model of the Solar System.

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