Team Arca Unveils Their New Rocket!

Team Arca Unveils Their New Rocket!

As I mentioned in my previous post recapping the Google Lunar X Prize Team Summit, Team Arca has announced some very exciting news in the development of their mission. Where most teams are partnering with companies like SpaceX or China, Arca has decided to build their own rocket. Here is a little info.

"It is a single stage to orbit vehicle (SSTO). We succeeded to reach a very good mass ratio because of the usage of the composite materials tanks. Of course, for the first flight, we will attempt to put the whole vehicle into orbit (more than 500kg), but the actual payload will be small. The main purpose is to reach orbit as soon as possible. The next flight will have a second and a third stage and will aim for the Moon, before 2015, but of course this is another milestone. We are focusing now on the SSTO configuration. For this we need to run the engine for more than three minutes."

Additional details:

What type of mass fraction are you achieving on this vehicle?

29:1. The vehicle is not recoverable.

What is the propellant?

Liquid oxygen + T1 kerosene

What Main Engine Thrust?

20 tons at liftoff

16 tons



And, of course, here is the beaut' herself.

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