Spaceloot Giveaway: Follow us to win!

Spaceloot Giveaway: Follow us to win!

Want to win stuff? Watch this...


Basically, The Google Lunar X PRIZE team Part Time Scientists have reached 100k friends on Facebook. That's quite the little get together. In honor of this (and because we want to be cool enough to sit at their table at lunch) we are hosting a little contest to see if we can boost our numbers up a bit and join the big kids club.

For the next week, I will be entering the next 1000 people to "like" our facebook page into a drawing to win a giant heap of spaceloot. "But Leo, what if we already follow you? That's not fair!" Fear not my fellow space travelers! If you already follow us just tell a friend to do that same and to post a comment on our wall letting us know that you sent them. I'll even allow this for Twitter, as long as you/they reply to @GLXP with your Twitter handle and the hashtag #spaceloot.So next 1000 followers between Facebook and Twitter. I just want to give some cool stuff away.

Basically, follow us online somewhere and maybe win some stuff. Easy.

Here's our Facebook page. Go "like" away! - www.facebook.com/googlelunarxprize

Here's our Twitter page.- www.twitter.com/glxp


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