Space Frontier Ideas, Student Prizes, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Action, Earth Prizes

Space Frontier Ideas, Student Prizes, Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Action, Earth Prizes
NASA Centennial Challenges

@SpaceFrontier: The Space Frontier Foundation's 2009 submission to NASA for six new prizes to Centennial Challenges. http://bit.ly/6NYtKi

Some of the ideas include the "Explore Space!" student science fair competition where the prize is student access to a suborbital rocket, suborbital point-to-point travel, and a follow-on to the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge.

The SunBreak on Jordin Kare and LaserMotive - LaserMotive


@TeamPrometheus: Working on the Ground Station! http://bit.ly/5e2XlW

Google Lunar X PRIZE

@synergymoon: Stand tests like this and our first Synergy Moon Flight Test of a Common Propulsion Module are coming up in... http://bit.ly/8owAVX

@whitelabelspace: Steve Allen is back, and just in time!: I'm happy to report that our illustrious team leader Steve Allen has go.. http://bit.ly/8pMFD6

From the linked White Label Space article:

... Steve got back in time to help us put the finishing touches on our most important publication to date! It's a document we are calling the Mission Concept Summary, and it explains the main details of our technical approach to the Google Lunar X PRIZE. We will publish it in the next 24 hours, so stay tuned to this web space!

... New partners are coming on and we also have some top-ranking contributors that we can't talk about yet ...

@arcaspace: After ARCA’s launch attempt of Helen rocket, we received several questions. We listed a short FAQ and their... http://bit.ly/5rdDT1

Moon race 2.0? Count Russia in - RT

2009 Annual Meeting of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group: An Official Report - Lunar Networks

Off to find the art side of the Moon - Times Higher Education

Google Lunar X Prize Roundup #2 - Lunar C/I

Student Prizes

@spacehack: New project added to Spacehack: Spirit of Innovation Awards: Aerospace Exploration: http://is.gd/56As1 #students #international

@ConradAwards: Next live Web chat tomorrow 12/1 Laura Schoppe Protecting your Research Project for Commercialization, 3-4 PST http://www.conradawards.org

@Pomerantz: Know some smart HS or College students? RT @bnjacobs: You still have time to register for the Great Moonbuggy race! http://bit.ly/6oBMAn

GIS, Earth Environment and Science

@VerySpatial: We have the Gone Trekking iPhone app to give away http://bit.ly/6gEzKR. Tweet us your favorite trek by Dec 2 for chance to win.

@gisuser: ESRI Canada's Green Roof Wins 2009 Design Exchange Award http://su.pr/4AgAQn

Barrasso co-sponsors bill to create technology contest - Senators copy NASA model for climate change - Trib.com

Google Lunar X PRIZE fans may like these:

@EarthPic: Earth Science Picture of the Day: Crescent Moon and Poseidon Temple http://bit.ly/7SYnip

@EarthPic: Earth Science Picture of the Day: Harvest Moon above the Valley of the Moon http://bit.ly/83KNRI

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