Sign up for our new forum and let's talk about space!

Sign up for our new forum and let's talk about space!

Recently, space has reignited the imaginations of the general public by emerging from the laboratories and propelling itself into mainstream media. With Space X docking with the international space station and JPL's Curiosity landing on Mars, space is the place once again and it has everybody all up in a buzz. So what's next? How does all of this relate to the Google Lunar X PRIZE? Are we the next big step in commercial space? How are our teams doing? All of these are valid questions with many valid, and debatable, answers. That's why we have developed and implemented a forum, here on the Google Lunar X PRIZE website, so that you can have access to the community and the teams competing in the competition to find out more about this prize and the science behind it.

To participate in the forum all you have to do is register with our site and it's completely free. Just click on the "Create Account" link on the homepage and your off. Don't worry, we don't send spam to your email if you register. It's simply a means to monitor forum activity.

Once you're a member just click on the "Forum" button the the navigation bar or just click here and begin your online career as a space debater.Share your ideas with the community or teams and be part of the future of the space industry. Meet fellow space enthusiasts and perhaps find new opportunities to get involved in some of the teams. This is your chance to speak your mind about the Google Lunar X PRIZE or just space/science/tech in general. Let us know whats on your mind.

Don't see a thread you're interested in? Just make a new one and start the discussion yourself. I want to hear your thoughts on the future of exploration!


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