Reworking the Google Lunar X PRIZE Forums: What do you think?

Reworking the Google Lunar X PRIZE Forums: What do you think?
One of the downsides to casting a wide net in the online media arena is that sometimes things will slip through that net. For any of you who have followed the Google Lunar X PRIZE for a while now, you've probably noticed one big dark spot on our community: the forums.

While some of our various web properties have really picked up steam as of late (team blogs are chugging along nicely, and The Launch Pad has finally found its voice.... did I mention that Will Pomerantz is a BLOGGER?), the forums have largely stagnated. I don't mean to berate the poor thing, but it has become riddled with the occasional spammer and flame war. There is, of course, plenty of worthwhile conversation there as well, but we're trying to boost the signal to noise ratio.

And so I pose the following question to you: what would you like to see on our forums?

Should we keep the current platform of PHPBB or switch to something a little more social, like Ning? Should we provide methods for user generated content? Or should we just get rid of the thing altogether?

The sky is the limit here (or not), so feel free to throw us any suggestions you might have. We are committed to making our community thrive in every possible way, and we want our forums to be a vital piece of a vibrant online ecosystem.

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