Nike Galaxy Foamposites! Also, Spaceloot giveaway!

Nike Galaxy Foamposites! Also, Spaceloot giveaway!

Earlier today Nike launched the sale of their newest foot fashion and collectable sneakers, the Galaxy Foamposites. For those of you out of the know, there is a very specific and a very large group of collectors known as "sneakerheads" who travel the world and scour the internet looking for the most elusive, stylish, and often expensive relics in the shoe world. In this underground world of footwear, Nike reigns supreme. People will do just about anything to get their hands on the newest designer Nike releases and today was the big day for many enthusiasts who had camped out for days, paid off line place holders, and maybe even struck a few black market deals. Not kidding. These fans mean business. Some stores reported full blown brawls (defused by police riot squads) in attempts to enter the retail establishments as soon as the doors opened, all to be the first to lay hands on one of extremely limited 10 pairs given to each of the select retailers.


So what's all the fuss about? Well, to be perfectly honest I couldn't say because I have never delved into the world of high fashion footery, but I have heard it described by enthusiasts as "walking around with art you can wear." Whatever the case, here is the low down on the shoe itself. The shoe retails for $220 and has a screened image of the galaxy wrapped around it, and let's not forget the glow in the dark, semi-transparent soles. Don't bother trying to find them, though. They are harder to locate than Pluto in a model of our solar system (OH SNAP!). Why space? Well from what I can understand, the shoe is being debuted the same weekend as the NBA All-Star game which is being held in Orlando... which is in Florida... which is also the home of the Kennedy Space Center... Which is run by NASA... and NASA deals with space! Of course! Now it all makes sense! Or not at all. Whatever. It's a stretch, but it's still kind of cool to see space being incorporated into trending fashion, I suppose. Oh and you know what they say, behind every strong shoe, there's a strong sock.

Yes those are matching designer Nike Galaxy Foamposite screened socks. They make me want to watch "Risky Business" and "Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan" at the exact same time. Speaking of trending fashion, I happen to own a pair of space shoes myself. Check it out...



Unfortunately for you, these babies are one of a kind.


This bring me to my final point. What's your fav piece of earthly space gear? Send some images of you, or your pets, all done up in your favorite space related attire and send it over to me via our twitter @GLXP and don't forget to include the hashtag #spaceloot. On Monday, Feb 27th, we'll take a vote. He/she who has the coolest space-duds will win some swanky space swag, from my Spaceloot bin! Oh yeah... It's on.




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