The New Online Community Guy: First Impressions

The New Online Community Guy: First Impressions

It's time for my first blog post and I figure the best way to start things off is by introducing myself. Hello, my name is Leo Camacho and, for all intents and purposes, I am the new online social community manager for Google Lunar X PRIZE. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have this position and I come into it knowing full well that I have some pretty massive shoes to fill... metaphorically of course. My predecessor, Amanda Stiles, is rather tiny and therefore has equally tiny shoes.

A little about myself.

I am a long time nerd with a penchant for pop/geek culture. Growing up I spent abundant amounts of time in front of every video game from Atari 2600 and NES all the way through the modern consoles and computers of today. A fervently devout movie buff with a particular passion for Star Wars, the nerd cred goes on and on (trust me), but all ultimately rounds out and fuels my inspiration for graphic art, tech, and of course space. I decided to start up an independent weekly web-based live streaming interactive television program based on my true passion, for which I also ran a corresponding news and entertainment site to compliment the program and offer a complete community. My program, The Radnerd Show, was nominated for best online interactive program buy the Streamy Awards, and primarily focused on the video game, comic, entertainment, and tech industries. This platform provided a means to grow, not only creatively, but also plunged me into the world of online social media, leading up to my current role here at GLXP. This truly is a dream come true.

I said "I do"


So let’s jump into this, shall we? I just landed a job where I get to talk about space with other interesting people that are passionate about space. That’s significantly exciting and I want to tell everyone just how awesome it really is… so I will! Let me give you a little insight on my first few days here, what role I will play, and why X PRIZE is pretty much the best place to work ever in the history of ever. (/fanboy)



 Day one and I'm already trying to put a man in space... a very small remote controlled man.  


Coming in I had no idea what to expect. I was pretty nervous about my first day as it stood, let alone the overwhelmingly intimidating awe of walking in through the front doors of the beautiful EA Building. Yeah, I work in the same building as a video game company. Perfect, no? Before I knew it I was part of an ever-flowing groove of people that were intelligent, savvy and incredibly welcoming. This feeling of wonder was further enhanced by the fact that I was given a boatload of schwag, given a tour of the coolest working environment I have EVER seen, and introduced to my new best friend and stalker, Rovey the Rover. He’s a nice guy but a little bit of a creeper.



 Seriously... He just sits there all day staring into my cubicle. Creeperbot.


Whoa, what’s that? You want to know why this place is so cool? Well, just imagine. Everyone at X PRIZE is bright, creative and passionate about what they do. As a result, this can be seen in both the individual workspaces and the overall atmosphere from retro space posters covering the walls, to Lego sets all over everyone’s desk. It’s like a professional version of my bedroom! Oh and we have an arcade…


Free play all day.


From a gourmet cafeteria to a fully stocked pantry for mid-day om-noms, this place has got everything you could ever possibly need to make sure you always feel at home and to keep those creative juices flowing like a chocolaty river in Wonka’s  factory. Mmmm…Ever-flowing happiness. One thing did strike me as a bit curious as I walked into the kitchen for the first time though…



As Online Community Manager, I hereby dub this my mighty ban-hammer.


In summary, and in all seriousness, I am truly fortunate to work in such a rich environment. I’m excited to work with all of the incredible people here and all of the brilliant teams participating with GLXP that are helping redefine our future. I look forward to interacting with the entire community, as well, in order represent everyone as best I can and promote your views and interests as accurately as possible. I’m also pretty jazzed about having tons of fun in the process.




Oh and this…


 It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.


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