Moon Race Roundup: Hard Hats

Moon Race Roundup: Hard Hats

Pioneers young, old, and robotic are getting hands-on in the field with their Moon missions.

This week, on the road to the Moon…

Generations young, old, and robotic got work done in the field on their Google Lunar XPRIZE missions, as Astrobotic 's Polaris Moon mining robot (above, with some hardy engineers) tested its slip detection (how much the wheels may slip on loose surfaces, like lunar rocks), and team Indus ' HHK 0.92 lander prototype went out for some outdoor time of its own in Bangalore, India (below):

Meanwhile, a variety of brilliant young students connected with (and worked on) Moon missions, as SingularityU students met up with Moon Express  and their lander---the MX-1----at Moffett Field:

And student pioneers Kara Morgan (NASA-bound!) and Liam Neigh of Penn State Lunar Lion  chronicled their painting of an instant-classic mural in their big new Lunar Lion lab:

While colleague Stephen Palapoli got comfortable with his new baby, the H202 (hydrogen peroxide fuel) tank:

And speaking of NASA, a certain veteran of their efforts also met up with Moon Express :

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin (with team co-founder Naveen Jain)! Aldrin's son, Andrew, happens to be president of the team, so they've got some serious family lines behind their Moon mission!

And for another connection for the youth generation, Israeli team SpaceIL  posted a great (Hebrew-language) look at how they're reaching kids (and adults) and getting them to geek out about going to the Moon:

And for more student Moon inspiration, check out MoonBots 2014, which is heading into its final round! Kids from Tasmania to Spain are building Moon robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS, pitting them to the test, and competing for a trip to Hawaii:

It's going to take minds of all generations to get us out into space, for good, and the Moon pioneers of the future are leading the way for space today!


I'll be rounding these up every week---as the teams march forward towards history----so keep an eye here for the latest developments from your moon race!

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~Nick Azer, resident history nerd/blogger dude/Moon advocate extraordinaire

[August 2nd-8th, 2014.]

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