The Moon Is A Lofty Goal

The Moon Is A Lofty Goal
The thing about space exploration is that it isn't cheap. That money has to come from somewhere. In the past, I've made it a point to compare donations to the cost of entertainment in an attempt to put perspective on the relatively low price we pay to attain such incredible tasks. Similarly, we set our PRIZE values in a way that we can leverage them to actually achieve these goals.

And so I present to you a challenge, a goal: $10,000. It's a pretty large goal, I know. But as with any X PRIZE, we set our goals high enough that they appear impossible, yet within the reach of a determined and ambitious team.

The money you donate to the Google Lunar X PRIZE is used to educate the public on the power of incentive prizes, the need for private space exploration, and the importance of lunar exploration in particular. The X PRIZE Foundation is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit, and all donations are tax deductible.

Help us to meet that goal! Donate using the form below, or click here for more donation options.

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