Moon Express Team Interview

Moon Express Team Interview

An interview with Google Lunar X PRIZE team Moon Express, based in the USA. Public Outreach Liaison, Brad Kohlenberg, discusses The Moon and Me media campaign and what the moon means to him.

So now I sit here and think, "what does the moon mean to me?" Well, it used to mean "spooky stuff will happen when it's full" but now that I'm not 10 years old it mean's a little bit more. I agree with Brad that it is a port to the next step in space, but more than that it means that it's a goal to set standards on a whole new level. The moon is close enough to stand for a good start in space exploration but not so far that it would be impossible to try again. It's the perfect training ground for the expansion of our civilization, our knowledge and our understanding of the universe and of who we are.

We'll never know what the moon is capable of providing us with, much like the internet once stood for the same thing, but if we push ourselves to attain that "not so distant in the grand scheme of things" goal, who knows were our technology will lead us. Making it to the moon means better technology on Earth.



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