Lunar Roundup: Superstars

Lunar Roundup: Superstars

Welcome to this week’s Lunar Roundup! A power rankings-style look at who & what’s been “Awesome!” over the last seven days of the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Moon Express partnered with a historic effort (Golden Spike); Angelicum's rover won a Robot of the Year poll; Part Time Scientists' Asimov now has its own weekly comic; and White Label Space's Japanese efforts made headlines with their team interview and crowdfunding effort!

Your five best highlights for December 4th-December 10th:


1) Golden Spike!

Moon Express announced they are a partner of Golden Spike---the new private company looking to send people back to the moon! Specifically, they are partnering with Golden Spike's Lunar Landing Systems team.

Moon Express' Chief Scientist, Alan Stern, is the President and CEO of Golden Spike.

2) Robot of the Year!

Angelicum's Dandelion rover beat out stiff competition---including Curiosity---to win FayerWayer's Robot of the Year poll!

3) Comic!

Part Time Scientists' rover, Asimov, now has its own weekly comic!:

4) Rising Sun!

White Label Space sat down for their Team Summit interview, where they talk about their global approach and specific efforts towards Japanese technology:

5) Crowdfunding!

White Label Space's Japan team ran a successful crowdfunding effort, raising $30,000! Here's the video for the effort (in Japanese):

Honorable Mentions:


I’ll be rounding these up on a weekly basis, so keep an eye here for all the most awesome developments.

For the full skinny on everything that happens, follow the official feeds for team blogs, team social, and team videos!

And if you have any favorite stories that I didn’t post here...share ’em in the comments below!

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