Lunar Roundup: Dashing Young Gentlemen

Lunar Roundup: Dashing Young Gentlemen

A team plans to put Justin Bieber on the Moon, while dashing young engineers show off awesome bots.

This week, in the Google Lunar XPRIZE...

White Label Space  rovers on a Moon training ground.

While Moon Express  CEO Bob Richards gave great some quotes, he also talked about putting Justin Bieber on the Moon. (I might put in a vote for David Bowie, myself, but---whatever floats your spacecraft! And no, he doesn't mean 'permanently'! ;) )

That, plus robot spotlights galore---from the 3D-printed to the adorable---all from this week!:

Bieber in Space

Yes, Justin Bieber in space! In response to Bieber buying a ticket on a Virgin Galactic flight, Moon Express  CEO Bob Richards offered to broadcast a Bieber video from the Moon:

"Bieber can do a space video and we can broadcast the first song, the first video on the moon." -Moon Express CEO Bob Richards

Bieber also wants to film a music video in space. Fellow Canadian Chris Hadfield recently filmed a music video from the International Space Station, covering David Bowie:

Also cool is Lykke Li's "live from the Moon" videos:

Can Bieber match this awesome? Will someone else beat him to the Moon as the first video broadcast? Stay tuned to find out!


In a different kind of 'dashing', a young SpaceIL  engineer gave a pretty sweet tour of their mocked-up lander: the Sparrow!:


And in a free-wheelin' bit of awesome, team Plan B 's own young engineer showed off their 3D-printed wheel and rover design. Coming along fast!:


While these cool robots can't network for you, they've gotten plenty of networking in themselves lately!

Team Puli 's bot met an unusual-looking "clever" bot they call Ametist:

While also hobnobbing with some humans:

And White Label Space 's fleet of adorable PM-3 bots met some even more adorable kids:

Oil of the Moon

In that same article with the quotes about Justin Bieber, Moon Express ' Bob Richards delivered a couple more quotables about the future of space investment:


Omega Envoy  revealed the details of their DART project---which is the 'Dust Altitude Recovery Technology

The project will help study dust & microorganisms over Florida, which will provide valuable information for Florida launches, as well as potential Mars benefits:

"A concurrent benefit of the DART program is that, since the intensely cold and dry conditions that exist in the upper troposphere are similar to ground conditions on Mars, studying the resilience of microorganisms living in this environment on Earth will lead to a better understanding of how the same conditions on Mars might be able to support microbial life." -Omega Envoy, press release

Penn Senator

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey lent his support to Penn State Lunar Lion 's bid to host the 2014 Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit!

Ecsite-ing the Masses

And last but not least, our own Anita Heyward wrote a blog post about the role of science centers in Europe!

Honorable Mentions


I’ll be rounding these up every week, so keep an eye here for the best developments from our very own moon race.

For the full skinny on everything that happens, follow the official feeds for team blogs, team social, and team videos.

And if you have any favorite stories from the week that didn’t make it in here---share them below!

June 11-17th, 2013.

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