Lunar Roundup: 2013 Team Summit in Chile

Lunar Roundup: 2013 Team Summit in Chile

All the big updates and fun outings from the 2013 Team Summit in Santiago, Chile.

This year's 2013 Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit took place last week in Santiago, Chile!

Team Angelicvm was gracious enough to host the festivities, which resulted in some buzzworthy discussions by day and social events to remember by night!

The teams convened to talk about the competition, share updates, and meet face-to-face among the Santiago city lights.

Muscling Up

One of the main news points that came up during the three-day summit was the greatly increased media presence you'll be seeing from the Google Lunar X PRIZE!

While we can't talk about most of the details yet, some really big guns are firing, and you'll be seeing a lot of very popular names and faces involved with us in some very big places! We can't say more---yet---but a lot of these things will be rolling out in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned to hear about 'em!

Besides some of this mystery-awesome, you'll also be seeing a lot more of us and the teams on Youtube and in Hangouts, so connect to our exploding Google+ page to keep up tabs on that!

Team Updates

20 of the teams were available to make presentations at the Summit, and a few key pieces of information came along:

In addition, many of the teams expressed interest in collaborating with each other---so expect more to be joining forces as things continue to heat up!

Santiago Nights

In addition to all the business, everyone managed to have a lot of fun, too.

Entertaining awards were dished out, including:

I also gave out my own Nick's Picks awards for some of the best videos:
We had an awesome outdoor reception that included local MoonBots teams DragonBots and MilkyBots:
A very important team dance-off at Bali Hai, with Jorge of Angelicvm lighting it up:
And a dinner at the nautical-themed Ocean Pacific's! I think the team's mission control centers should look like this:

All in all, great developments on the business side, a ton of fun, and a lot of exciting things to look forward to! The Google Lunar X PRIZE is just getting warmed up...

Malaysia, Israel, the United States, and Japan all represented in one photo together. To the Moon!

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