Leo and Nathan talk shop on Spacevidcast

Leo and Nathan talk shop on Spacevidcast

The past Saturday (Feb 23) I was lucky enough to be a guest on the popular space-centric online show "Spacevidcast" along with my co-worker and Moonpie eating silver-medalist, Nathan Wong. Benjamin Higginbotham and co-host Cariann Higginbotham are two space enthusiasts driven to spreading the message of space across the web and decided that Nathan and I were cool enough to join their quest and share what the Google Lunar X PRIZE is all about.

The nice thing about this program is the nature of the delivery. Although Spacevidcast delivers the latest in space news, it's real draw comes from the fact that the conversations and ideas generated on the show are by people who really love space as fans. Yes, they work in the space industry as well, but they were fans first and their true passion for what they do really shines through. They are kind of like human space wikis. This venue offers the community a unique opportunity to  stay informed on the general state of all things space related but also chime in and contribute to the overall landscape of space on the web. The show really builds a sense of community and is a great way for newcomers to find out more about the industry while also allowing for hardcore fans to expand on popular thoughts pertaining to the subject matter.

Here's the episode, and although it's a great watch, I would suggest heading over to the Spacevidcast site and signing up for their premium membership which grants you access to the "After Dark" episodes. This is where the atmosphere gets a little lighter and broader in terms of hanging out with the guests and interaction with the live streaming chat room. In our episode we dive 3 layers deeper into nerdery and discuss Dungeons and Dragons and Disney. Oh yeah... It's a doozie.



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