Hello World

Hello World

Out with the old (cough…Leo…cough) and in with the new. It’s time for the Nathan Wong show, well actually more like the Nathan Wong show presented, directed, edited, and insulted by Leo Camacho. As Leo stated in my brief introduction I just finished up a year in France at the International Space University trying to round out my technical space background.

My task while I am here is to work on some of the technical and operations aspects of the Google Lunar X PRIZE, as well as write about some of those topics from the perspective of a young professional in the space industry. I LOVE talking about space. You can ask any of my non-space friends back home; I will talk their ears off in the “lounge” about space topics, trying to excite a passion I think is in everyone for space, exploration, and science.

Beyond space I am also a crazy sports fan, especially any team hailing from the great land of Wisconsin. I might even throw in some packer stories here and there to mix it up. If there are any topics you are interested in me posting about, say something in the comments section, hit me up on the GLXP Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. I will give you some facts, some opinions, but more importantly I will give you myself. I look forward to working with the GLXP community!

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