Happy Birthday NASA!

Happy Birthday NASA!
This year is celebrated NASA 50th anniversary... and it seems like Congress decided to give a nice birthday present by passing a bill that could be funding it with $2.6 billions more than what many expected, thus totalizing a $20.2 billions budget for next year!

This is great news for the entire space community! In addition the bill clearly highlights the private and commercial space industry, allows for COTS D (the manned part of the COTS program) and calls for international cooperation for space exploration (Go France and Europe!!!)

A meaningful analysis is offered by Taylor Dinerman at The Space Review.
The Office of Management and Budget is also presenting a breakdown of mandated NASA activities for this budget.

Best of all, the future lunar outpost has a name!!! Looks like Neil Armstrong will return to the Moon (or at least his name...):

Oh et j'allais oublier, pour nos amis français - ou plutôt francophones - voila un lien vers un article en français, intéressant surtout parce qu'il décrit un peu comment le budget se répartit dans les différentes activités de la NASA.

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