Happy 2012: What's New + We're Hiring!

Happy 2012: What's New + We're Hiring!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you all had an out-of-this-world holiday season.

The GLXP HQ team is back in the office and gearing up for all the great things that we have planned for the competition in 2012. Change is in the air, and I have several really exciting announcements about our team:


  • First of all, we have a new team member! Our latest addition to the team is Jen Sisemore, who will be working on administrative aspects of the prize -- planning, coordinating, scheduling, tracking, and a variety of other essential tasks that are needed to successfully carry out the Prize. She is all kinds of awesome, with 9 years of past experience working with Sea Launch. We are lucky to have her on our team! 
  • Chanda has returned after several months of maternity leave, and will be ramping up on the GLXP education programs -- including the ever-popular MoonBots student competition.
  • Yours truly (Amanda) has officially moved to a new role on the team as of today -- I am now the Technical Operations Manager for GLXP. I'll be working on putting together the judging committee/technical advisory board for the Prize as well as generating technical documents related to the competition. I've had a *great* time as the Online Community Liaison for GLXP over the past 2 years and have loved seeing communities grow across the various platforms. I can't wait to see the word continue to spread about GLXP online, which brings me to my final point...
  • WE'RE HIRING. Do you love the internet and talking to people about space? Want to do it full-time and get paid? If you just shouted "yes!" at your computer, then you should definitely apply to be the next online community manager for GLXP. We're looking to bring someone in ASAP to manage all of the online properties related to the Prize -- you can find the job description and application here. I can attest to the fact that it's a super fun and flexible job!

As you can see, there have been a lot of exciting changes afoot at GLXP HQ. Our goals for this year are to fully prepare for prize-winning attempts (how exciting is that?) and to promote the teams and the competition on a significantly larger (and international) scale. Awesome things are in the pipeline for this year -- so stay tuned!

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