The Final Frontier of Fashion

The Final Frontier of Fashion

Last week I submitted the challenge to strut your stuff and dawn your best and most fashionable space gear. After a wonderful parade interstellar aesthetic pageantry, I have scooped up a few of the runways hottest rising stars.


Here we have the lovely @Capoglou sporting her subtle @MDRSupdates spacesuit trying her hardest not to sneeze. God speed.


@Luke_Ubiquitous shows us how to spin in space... unfortunately the cold vacuum provides very poor acoustics.


@Preisett demonstrated how wearing an @PTScientists shirt will make you manlier and more gentlemanly at the same time!


@Mgrabois Doesn't mess around when it comes to  playing Pac-Man safely in a Space Station.


Spotting @Nathanpwong let's us know that it's peanut buttah jelly time... IN SPACE!


@LeoZombie has two thumbs and likes space. This guy...


Now it's up to you, the reader, to decide who will be this year's Space Fashionista Extraordinaire! Just tweet me @GLXP with the hashtag #spaceloot and the twitter name of whoever you think should receive the illustrious grand prize of a bunch of stickers and patches! Good luck to everyone! Results will be posted Wednesday afternoon so get to tweetin'! Oh and don't pic @LeoZombie. He's a cheater.



@LeoZombie @GLXP

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