2012 Hardware Reel

2012 Hardware Reel

25 teams from around the world are currently building robots, rockets, and lunar landers to win the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE.

This year shows some impressive advancements in the rover designs, propulsion and avionics technology. Teams are stepping it up as the competition thickens and with all the recent headlining developments in space, the Moon does not seem so far away.

This is the 5th year anniversary of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and to celebrate, we're going to do a little bit of showboating and strut our teams' stuff. Every year, we collect hardware video clips from the teams and showcase their progress.



Oh hey and even though it's our birthday, we want to give you a gift! Retweet this video/blog post on twitter with a mention to @glxp and you have a chance to win a Google Lunar X PRIZE t-shirt!



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