Dr. Rene Caissie

Dr. Rene Caissie

CEO, Medeloop.ai | Stanford University

Dr. Caissie's career spans 15 years in the healthcare field space as a surgeon and researcher but also as an innovator and entrepreneur in health tech. He is now the CEO of Medeloop.ai, a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a visiting Scholar at the Stanford University School of Medicine, a Venture Partner at OVO Fund Venture Capital Firm and sits on various private company Boards of Advisors. 

Dr Caissie was a clinical lecturer at both the University of Montreal and McGill University, and former Chief of Maxillofacial Surgery at Montreal’s HSC. He is a National Board Examiner and a Fellow of the Royal College in his specialty. Committed to advancing research in the field, he has published papers on both nerve regeneration and clinical maxillofacial surgery. 

Dr Caissie’s medical background has enabled him to found multiple businesses in the healthcare sector, with a commitment to pioneering new technologies. These ventures include Medesync EMR, a web-based, electronic medical records solution for physicians, which was ultimately acquired by Telus, a large national telecommunications companies valued at $37 billion.

Dr Caissie also founded the GMMS Associates, a group of surgery specialty centres offering ENT, dentistry and maxillofacial surgery services. Dr Caissie led the growth of this business until its 2019 acquisition to DCC Holdings, a $2.5 billion company. 

More recently, Caissie has had a significant role in the frontline fight against Covid-19, providing solutions to the immediate needs of medical professionals during the pandemic. In 2020, having seen firsthand the impact of insufficient PPE in hospitals, Dr Caissie co-designed a powered Full Head Protective Hood, including an air-purifying respirator, now being manufactured and distributed across Canada. As co-founder of Dorma Filtration, he co-designed the country’s first reusable N95 mask to help with critical shortages across North America. 

In addition to his professional achievements, Dr Caissie is an accomplished mountain climber, and has conducted multiple high-altitude rescues. He is also a sailboat trans-oceanic racer, a SR22 Turbo aircraft pilot, and an Ironman World Championship qualifier. 

He is committed to humanitarian work, utilizing his skills as a force for good. His NGO, Volte-Face, has provided over $1 million in free medical care to patients from poor socioeconomic backgrounds in need of life changing surgeries. He is also a board member for Sprouts, a California based non-profit organization helping youths facing hardships through skills coaching and internships.