Why Puli? - Sándor Kürti

Following Attila Chikán, our next support comes from a well-known businessman, Sándor Kürti.

The Puli project is a Hungaricum.
Like the Makó onion.
It has many layers.

The middle is pure innovation, a whole quarry of technology improvements.

The layer above consists of the enthusiastic team who cares about and helps the project. They're building a dream unseen in this country in decades. Amateurs and professionals, experts and supporters working together.

The outer layer is the Hungarian society. One of the goals of the Puli could be to bring our nation together. Thanks to this dreamlike mission – Puli to the Moon! – which is unassailable, inspirational and clear. When was the last time for such noble cooperation?

I wish good luck for the Puli with all my heart, and unlimited enthusiasm for their supporters!

Dr. Sándor Kürti

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