Telenor Hungary: Keeping Team Puli Connected

Hungary’s Nr. 2 telecommunication company, Telenor Hungary, has agreed to sponsor Team Puli. To start with, the company supported us by providing several laptops & tablets and a couple of broadband internet connections.

Looking now at the GLXP competition and the estimated costs of a Moon mission, this sponsorship might not seem like a big deal. But it is! This sponsorship is an excellent example how little effort is needed to make a difference in space exploration.

For Telenor Hungary – note, the company is handling about 3.6 million subscriptions in Hungary - , this might be a small step.

For Team Puli however, this was certainly a notable donation. The computers arrived just in time to be part of our Mission Control Center for the MARS2013 simulation. During the operation of the MCC, the laptops and the mobile broadband internet connections would have ensured the Flight Director and his crew seamlessly continue operations in case of network or power outages and other emergency situations.

Even more importantly, Telenor is now part of our ever growing list of sponsors. And seeing their sponsor package put to good use, we are negotiating further options.

Mr Zoltán Takács, Chief Digital Services Officer of Telenor Hungary

As our list of sponsors grow, so do the stakes rise. Two laptops today, one small step closer to the Moon. Tomorrow we can achieve more, and go further. And we are getting bigger and stronger every day.

Thank you, Telenor Hungary for supporting us!

Máté Ravasz & Dr Tibor Pacher

Telenor Hungary, a member of the international Telenor Group, is a major force in mobile voice-based and broadband services. The company has been present in Hungary for nearly twenty years, and its services are used by some 3.6 million people nationwide.

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