Side effects

One of the wonderful things about our competition is that You never know what kind of „side effects“ You shall experience next. During the almost four years Team Puli already spent in the GLXP family, we have had quite a number of such surprises.

Here are just two recent examples. E.g., we never thought that it will be a university group work task to record and analyze our organizational structure – but just this has happened right now. Five students of the Corvinus University of Budapest recently interviewed a dozen Pulis and studied our internal structures, in order to detect improvement chances in our internal communications and project management techniques. We are looking forward to learning about their results!

Another really nice side effect is to find Your photo on the cover of a new book on creative Hungarian entrepreneurs. Peak Attack!

It is a honour for Team Puli to be part of an album which presents companies like Prezi, LogMeIn, Ustream, amongst many other great ones. Another source of inspiration to continue hard work on our own Moonshot.

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